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Imagine the relief when you receive a patent translation of filing quality, on time and within budget. That’s the feeling we aim to give each and every one of our clients, from a small patent attorney firm to the IP division of a large multinational.

When we started translating patents we realized that this sadly wasn’t the experience of most clients. All too often, patent attorneys and IP departments were receiving substandard work from translation agencies who simply didn’t have the relevant experience or skill in patent and IP law.

We didn’t think that was acceptable. We decided to change it.

Where it all began

Translate IP is owned and managed by Emma Grubb.

Since graduating from the University of St. Andrews with an MA(Hons) in Triple Modern Languages in 2000, Emma has spent her entire career in the patent translation industry, working in-house at two major patent translation companies before going freelance in 2010.

In 2017, having been made aware by her clients just how difficult it can be to find top-quality patent translators, Emma felt it was time to put her industry knowledge to good use and decided to set up her own specialist patent translation company: Translate IP Ltd.

Emma now works alongside a small and highly experienced team of professional patent translation specialists to provide filing-quality translations of patents and other IP-related documents to companies and patent attorneys worldwide.

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