Language Combinations

If you’re in the field of patents, you’ll understand the importance of focusing on your niche. It’s the same for us. At Translate IP, we’ve chosen to focus exclusively on the translation of patents and other IP-related documents. To provide our clients with the best possible service, we specialize in only two language combinations: German to English (UK/US) and French to English (UK/US).

As you might have gleaned from our website, we value quality over all other attributes. To deliver this quality, our years of experience have taught us to concentrate on what we know.

By concentrating solely on these languages, we ensure that we can always deliver ready-to-file patents. Why? Because by working exclusively with the languages we know, every project can be checked and verified in-house before being sent to the client. That isn’t always the case in larger translation agencies, who work over many multilingual markets, and who act merely as middle-men.

We’re a small team at Translate IP, and that’s deliberate. By working with a select group of in-house and freelance translators we can guarantee the quality of all projects.

Every project may be different, but our quality is constant.

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