Specialist Fields

Patent translation requires the translator to be an expert linguist while also having in-depth knowledge of the subject area of the patent to ensure translation accuracy.

At Translate IP, we work primarily in the following subject areas:

A company’s IP is in many cases its most valuable asset. As you’ll be aware, protecting this IP can be perilous, and defending your IP documents in court is unfortunately a likely scenario. Our IP litigation translation service provides you with peace of mind. You deal with the legal aspects, and we’ll handle the translation.

The world of patents and IP is famed for its varied, and voluminous, documentation. We handle all types of document, including:

  • Full patent specifications, including any text on drawings
  • Claims and/or abstracts only
  • Written submissions in opposition proceedings
  • Written submissions in appeal proceedings
  • Written Opinions of the International Searching Authority
  • International Preliminary Examination Reports
  • Legal proceedings relating to Supplementary Protection Certificates

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