Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

Getting the terminology right is crucial in any translation. In chemical and pharmaceutical patents, just one letter out of place can change the name of a chemical compound.

This won’t happen on our watch.

The field of chemistry is a particular area of expertise for our team. We have translated patents owned by many major chemical manufacturers and we have significant experience in the fields of inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, organic chemistry, nanotechnology and chemical engineering, among others.

It is the job of a patent attorney to protect their clients’ inventions and interests, whilst balancing them with the relevant patent laws. It is our job to ensure that, when a patent proprietor’s interests take them on to the international stage, the quality and consistency of their global IP protection rights in English is of equally high standard.

As you’ll know, Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) also play an important role in this field, and therefore another service we offer is the translation of such SPCs and related litigation documents.

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