Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Electronics and electrical engineering play a major part in all our lives. Behind every convenience in our homes, there’s a patent for the technology. Behind every innovation for making our future more sustainable, whether through renewables or smart buildings, there’s a patent.

Such patents form a large proportion of our work. Our main areas of expertise in this sector include semiconductor technology, control systems and instrumentation, optics and lighting systems, solar power systems, wind turbines, and many more.

Inventions change lives. Why limit their reach when you can obtain international protection through patent translation?

In industry, the field of electronics and electrical engineering is one of the fastest moving and most competitive sectors. Protecting a company’s IP worldwide requires accurate, meticulously researched translation of all documentation. We can help. We work only with translators who have demonstrable technical knowledge in addition to their core skills in patent and IP translation. We’re on your side.

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