Why Choose Us?

Patent translation is a niche market. But you already know that. You’ve no doubt experienced how difficult it can be to obtain a high-quality translation of a patent. And for us, high quality means we provide a translation that is ready for filing.

Our translations are not carried out by mere “technical translators”.

Instead, our translations are carried out by patent translation specialists with significant and demonstrable experience of translating patents. Each and every translation is then checked word-for-word by a second, equally experienced patent translator. We know that inventions have the potential to be life-changing, and the responsibility of providing an accurate translation is huge.

We take this responsibility very seriously.

We do our research

Every word counts in a patent application. There can be no errors, no omissions and no poetic license on the part of the translator. The appropriate term must be selected for every single word in a patent. That’s why we carry out meticulous research for every single project, and why we focus purely on patent translation. On your patent translation.

We do deadlines

We’ve never missed a deadline. We’ve never asked for an extension. We’ve never delivered a patent that wasn’t ready for filing. No exceptions. Not one. If we can’t complete your project in the timeframe you’ve suggested, we’ll be honest with you from the outset and will make every effort to provide a suitable alternative deadline.

Patent confidentiality

We know the importance of confidentiality. Your secrets are safe with us. Any paper copies of your documentation are shredded immediately after use. You can rest assured that your patents are treated with care and confidentiality from start to finish.

Reassuringly reasonable

Invention and innovation mean expensive, right? Not always. At Translate IP we’re proud to offer this level of quality at competitive pricing. Ask us for a quote. We think you’ll be surprised.

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