Medical Devices

Medical devices often involve a mix of sectors: medical, electronics, manufacturing, nanotechnology, to name but a few possible combinations. Bringing a medical device to market can be a huge challenge, not least because of this need for an interdisciplinary team to develop the invention, but also because of the speed of innovation in this sector. As you’ll know, early establishment of an IP strategy can prevent disappointment and lost funding later down the line.

Having our team of expert patent translators on side means that your medical device patents are translated by professionals with considerable experience in the field.

We’ve previously translated patents relating to large-scale apparatus such as X-ray equipment and MRI machines, as well as small-scale devices such as implants, stents, syringes and catheters.

Obtaining global IP protection is a huge advantage for medical device manufacturers when it comes to attracting investment and fostering stakeholder confidence. We can help.

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